The Most Popular Christmas Present Hiding Spot Is . . . the First Place Your Kids Look

If you’re a parent, it may seem like you could hide your kids’ presents INSIDE THE WALLS . . . and you’d still come home to see they’d sawed through the drywall to sneak a peek.  So maybe THIS is just admitting defeat:

According to a new survey, the most popular place to hide Christmas gifts is in a bedroom closet . . . the first place kids look is in a bedroom closet . . . and the place where gifts are most commonly found is, yep, a bedroom closet.  (???)

The second most-popular hiding spot is a spare room, followed by a coat closet . . . under the bed . . . the trunk of the car . . . a spare drawer or cabinet . . . the basement . . . the garage . . . and the attic.

Some tougher spots for them to investigate include:  Another person’s house . . . “outside,” whatever that means . . . a shed . . . and a storage unit.

50% of people say they’ve had gifts they hid get found, while 50% claim they’ve been SUCCESSFUL at hiding gifts.  Or maybe, they just haven’t found out that their hiding spot has been breached.