Would you say you’re a “rockstar” at work?  Do you “hit the ground running” . . . “work hard, play hard” . . . and “thrive in a fast-paced environment”?  Or do you HATE terms like that and never use them?

One in five people say they hate corporate buzzwords, partly because we hear them so much.  85% of workers say they hear annoying terms like that at least once a week.  40% said once a day.

The most common one we hear is that’s a “WIN-WIN.”  And it also made the list of the most annoying buzzwords.  Here are the Top 10 . . .

1.  New normal.  Like, “Sorry, but corporate buzzwords are the new normal.”

2.  Culture.  “Getting drunk at lunch every day doesn’t fit our corporate culture.”

3.  Circle back.  “Let’s circle back to this once you’re sober.”

4.  Boots on the ground.  “Cold-calling people hasn’t worked for some reason.  We might need boots on the ground.”

5.  Give 110%.  “I told my boss I’m giving 110%, but it’s really more like 30.”

6.  Low-hanging fruit.  “You consult on P.R. nightmares and signed Ashton Kutcher?  That’s some low-hanging fruit.”

7.  Win-win.  “Elon is offering me a severance package to leave?  That’s win-win!”

8.  Move the needle.  “I tried to get a raise by telling my boss I’m giving 110%, but it didn’t move the needle.”

9.  Growth hacking.  (???)  Ever heard that one?  It’s coming up with cheap and easy ways to expand business or gain exposure.  (Like, “I’m growth hacking our listener base by leaking nudes of myself online.”)

10.  Think outside the box.  “Well, that didn’t move the needle.  I’m really gonna have to think outside the box now.”

It also looked at the LEAST annoying buzzword terms.  They include “at the end of the day” . . . “let’s table it” . . . and that’s a “game changer.”