If you’ve ever DREAMED of traveling to Cleveland or Saudi Arabia, you better start planning your trip NOW . . . because those could be two of the hottest travel destinations next year.  (???)

“Travel and Leisure” has released a feature called “Where to Go in 2024” . . . and it doesn’t just include the same-old places like New York City . . . Disney World . . . or even trendy stuff like Iceland.

Instead, the off-the-beaten-path destinations that “thoughtful, curious travelers should consider in 2024” includes:

Shinta Mani Mustang, Nepal or Warsaw, Poland . . . for “cultural immersion.”

Bangkok, Istanbul, or Cleveland . . . for “big city thrills.”  (???)

Big Sky, Montana or Mababe, Botswana . . . for “nature lovers.”

Dominica, in the Caribbean . . . not to be confused with the Dominican Republic.

And AlUla, Saudi Arabia or Northern Pakistan . . . for “adventurous travelers.”

(Hit up TravelAndLeisure.com to see the full list.)