Hey look at this, it’s a food trend that I’m a part of!  Maybe I even started it.  I mean, I’ve been participating since the day I started eating.

Apparently, the hot new food trend is “bowl food.”  And that’s not just a clever name.  It’s literally eating food out of a bowl.

Why is that a trend?  I’m not sure.  Trendy restaurants have been serving different foods in small bowls with a small fork, and it became so popular that “bowl food” was featured at the royal wedding.

If you’re wondering what goes in the bowl, it seems like a mix of . . . get ready for this . . . vegetables and meat.

Here’s an example, not that it’s hard to grasp.  There’s a restaurant in Brooklyn that has a “create your own bowl” for $10, where you can choose to add things like roasted asparagus, green salad, egg, bacon, avocado, hummus, chicken, and smoked salmon.

But don’t even THINK about taking the stuff out of your bowl and putting it on a plate.  Then it’s Plate Food, which is much less trendy.

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