The Good News: A Woman Is Saved By A Quick Thinking Teen & A Teacher Raises 106K For Students

Thanks to quick-thinking and calm, a teen in Maine was able to save his mom. Kristen Iarrobino stepped outside in her slippers for a moment, tripped, fell, and landed with one hand on her coffee cup, which broke. A shard from the cup sliced her wrist so deeply that “the hand surgeon said I was a quarter of an inch going through my entire wrist.” Kristen saw the wound and immediately told her son, Cyrus, 16, to call 911. Cyrus thought she might be overreacting, until he saw the wound.

… The 911 dispatcher told them it would be at least 15 minutes before an ambulance could get to them, and, once Cyrus explained just how much blood there was, told him to make a tourniquet. Cyrus went hunting for a string and a piece of wood, and landed on his brand new shoes as a source of string. He grabbed a small piece of plywood from beside the house and twisted the string tight. Kristen said it was the most painful thing she’d ever experienced — more painful than having a baby. Two surgeries later, Kristen has a noticeable scar, and a lot of gratitude for EMTs, hospital staff, and Cyrus’ ability to stay calm in a crisis.


A North Carolina teacher raised $106,000 from her community. Turquoise Lejeune Parker used all of the funds to buy groceries at Costco to help feed approximately 5,106 students in Durham Public Schools through the holiday break. Parker spent last Wednesday afternoon in the gymnasium at Lakewood Elementary School filling paper bags with bread, mac and cheese, beans and other groceries for the students.