The NBA Finals start on Thursday, so it’s a great time to be a basketball fan . . . if you live in Cleveland or the Bay Area.

That’s because, for the FOURTH STRAIGHT YEAR it’ll be the Cavs versus the Warriors. The Warriors won two of the previous three years . . . but both teams aren’t as good as they’ve been in the past. In fact, they barely made it in.

Both teams were on the brink of elimination . . . down three games to two . . . and had to win their final two games to get in. And they both did that. The Cavs defeated the Boston Celtics on Friday and Sunday, and the Warriors eliminated the Houston Rockets after winning on Saturday and last night.

The Warriors and Cavs join the Lakers, Celtics, and Heat as the only NBA teams to reach four straight Finals . . . and this is the FIRST time in the four major sports that the same two teams met in the championship in four straight seasons.

Golden State is the early favorite to win their THIRD championship in four years.

The Warriors have home court advantage, and a team full of superstars. But the Cavs have LeBron James . . . and if you’ve been watching him this year, he’s been better than ever at age 33.