The Casual Podcast With Kristina Kuzmic

Everyone wants to have a cheerleader in their life and on this episode of the Casual Podcast, Bryan and Brad get to chat with “The Peoples Cheerleader” Kristina Kuzmic! With a billion views of her videos online and as the winner of Oprah’s “Next TV Star” competition that has allowed her to share her amazing story with her millions of followers on social media. In this episode we get to chat about growing up in Croatia and immigrating to the US, depression, poverty,  being a single parent and the struggles that come along with that to winning Oprah’s contest, becoming an internet sensation and doing it with humor about a “flawed life” that everyone can relate too.

Make sure to pick up a copy of her book “Hold On, But Don’t Hold still” follow her on all social media and catch on the “Hope and Humor” tour in  Spokane March 27th. You can get your tickets HERE

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