We all have at least one movie that we love with every fiber of our being, even though we know it’s UTTER TRASH.

Well, a British website asked its readers to name the Best Bad Movies of All Time, and here are some of the answers they got, in no particular order . . .

1.  The “Sharknado” movies

2.  “Deep Blue Sea”, 1999

3.  “Anaconda”, 1997

4.  The horror musical “Repo: The Genetic Opera” , 2008 . . . (Featuring Paris Hilton!!!)

5.  “Xanadu”, 1980

6.  “Road House”, 1989

7.  “Armageddon”, 1998

8.  “Flash Gordon”, 1989 . . . (This one is SUCH a favorite of mine, I hate to call it bad.  But even I have to admit it’s got its shortcomings.)

9.  “Showgirls”, 1995

10.  “Tremors”, 1990 . . . (Oh, HELL no.  This is an EXCELLENT movie.  Giant underground worms attacking a sleepy Nevada desert town may not be your thing, but there is NOTHING bad about this movie.)

(So what’s YOUR favorite bad movie?  I know these are cliché, but it’s hard to see a list like this that doesn’t include “Troll 2”, “The Room”, “Birdemic: Shock and Terror”, or “Plan 9 from Outer Space”.)