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The Best Bad Movies of All Time

We all have at least one movie that we love with every fiber of our being, even though we know it’s UTTER TRASH.

Well, a British website asked its readers to name the Best Bad Movies of All Time, and here are some of the answers they got, in no particular order . . .

1.  The “Sharknado” movies

2.  “Deep Blue Sea”, 1999

3.  “Anaconda”, 1997

4.  The horror musical “Repo: The Genetic Opera” , 2008 . . . (Featuring Paris Hilton!!!)

5.  “Xanadu”, 1980

6.  “Road House”, 1989

7.  “Armageddon”, 1998

8.  “Flash Gordon”, 1989 . . . (This one is SUCH a favorite of mine, I hate to call it bad.  But even I have to admit it’s got its shortcomings.)

9.  “Showgirls”, 1995

10.  “Tremors”, 1990 . . . (Oh, HELL no.  This is an EXCELLENT movie.  Giant underground worms attacking a sleepy Nevada desert town may not be your thing, but there is NOTHING bad about this movie.)

(So what’s YOUR favorite bad movie?  I know these are cliché, but it’s hard to see a list like this that doesn’t include “Troll 2”, “The Room”, “Birdemic: Shock and Terror”, or “Plan 9 from Outer Space”.)


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