The Average Person Expects to Gain Eight Pounds Over the Holidays

Have we given up on staying even somewhat healthy around the holidays?  Or are we just becoming more realistic with our estimates?

An annual poll found the average person expects to gain EIGHT POUNDS over the holidays this year.  That’s up from seven pounds when the same survey was done a year ago . . . and six pounds in 2019.

90% of people said they’ll mostly just try to enjoy the holidays, and not worry too much about what they eat.  65% think they DESERVE to treat themselves this year.

The poll also looked at the top signs you’ve overindulged during the holidays . . .

48% of people have eaten so much at once, they had to undo a button or loosen their belt . . . 39% have eaten until they felt sick . . . and 39% have also deliberately worn stretchy pants to accommodate more food.

In general, people plan to just push their health goals to NEXT year again, and use it as their New Year’s resolution.

Our top health-related resolutions will be to exercise more and eat healthier.