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Thanks to the Pandemic, Everyone Is Doing “Life Hacks”

It seems like half the internet is preoccupied with “life hacks” . . . even though they’re never as “LIFE-CHANGING” as advertised.

According to a new poll, 69% of people have tried at least one “life hack.”  And of those people, 71% say they’re using life hacks more now than they did before the pandemic started.  Probably because they have more time at home to experiment.

The people who use life hacks say that the tricks save them an average of FOUR hours per week.

The most popular life hacks were those focused on cooking.  54% say they’ve used a life hack in the kitchen.

And 42% of people say they’ve shared their own life hack tips online at some point.


(Have YOU shared a life hack online?  Share your tip with us.  In exchange, here’s one I just saw of a woman replacing dryer sheets with reusable sponges, soaked in fabric softener and water.)

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