Tattoos, Trains, and One Awesome Coach

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A four-year-old near Chicago named Everly Backe was born with a rare heart condition, and had to have open-heart surgery three days after she was born.  So she’s got a big scar on her chest, and her dad Matt was worried she might get self-conscious.

So in solidarity, he went and got a tattoo on his chest that’s an exact replica of her scar.  He says it’s the only tattoo he’s ever gotten, because he never wanted one until now.  And she appreciates the gesture, but her immediate reaction was, “stop copying me.”

2.  Two train operators in England just got married.  They drive different trains and hardly ever see each other.  But they locked eyes one day and felt a connection.  He says he still can’t believe she went out with him, because she’s way out of his league.

3.  “The Washington Post” just did a big story on a high school coach in Minnesota named Mike Dreier, who’s 70 now.  But back when he was 28, he took in a sophomore student named Earl Rich who’d been in foster care his whole life.  Earl lived with him for three years, and Mike basically became his dad.  But that’s not where the story ends.

Earl went to college, got into real estate, and started a family.  He’s 56 now, and has four daughters, all between 15 and 19.  Meanwhile, Mike’s still coaching.  And this past year, he got to coach ALL FOUR of them at once.  They play basketball, and there was a year of overlap where they all played together.  So it was a pretty crazy full-circle moment.  Mike’s also the winningest girls’ high school basketball coach in state history.