JOHN BARROWMAN from the show “Arrow” is upset at Target, because he says employees told him he couldn’t buy stuff for a homeless man at a store in West Hollywood last week.

John says he was shopping, when a homeless man walked up to him in the store and said that he needed a shirt, and didn’t want to steal it . . . so he was wondering if he would buy it for him.  It was only $8, so he said yes.

John told the guy to pick out a few other items that he needed, and he came back with a jacket, some Q-Tips, and a grooming set.  He also got him a $40 gift card so he could buy food.

But on his way out, the store’s security approached him, and said that it was against the store’s policy and it was somehow “illegal” for him to buy stuff for, quote, “these types of people.”

John complained to Target on social media . . . and they responded, quote, “We’re very sorry for the experience you had . . . we absolutely do not have a policy against this type of purchase, and are addressing it immediately with the team members involved.”

(It sounds like this Target is trying to discourage homeless people from loitering in or outside the store, and approaching customers.  But even if that’s the case, they clearly aren’t handling the problem well.)

(TMZ has another video of John talking about the situation.)