“Googly eyes” are those plastic stick-on things people use for arts and crafts.  Or you can put them on inanimate objects, like a carton of milk . . . then name it Kevin . . . and hey, you’ve got a new friend.

(There’s actually a term now for sticking them on random objects.  It’s called “eyebombing.”)

But this might be the first PRACTICAL use we’ve ever seen.  A supermarket in Kuwait got shut down the other day after someone caught them sticking googly eyes on DEAD FISH in their seafood section to make them look fresher.

Someone posted two photos of it . . . one of a fish with a googly eye covering its real eye, and one where it fell off.  And it DOES kind of work, because they sort of look like fish eyes anyway.

It’s not clear if the store was shut down for scamming people, or if it was a food safety thing.  But some people just respect the creativity, and don’t think they should be in trouble.

People on Twitter have also been tossing out lots of terrible puns to go with the story, like that something “fishy” was going on . . . and that it was definitely a “full-scale” scam.