Someone Paid $1 Million to Buy Out a Toys “R” Us Store Before It Closed, and They’re Giving Away All the Toys

Toys “R” Us officially closed for good last Friday.  And a photo of their giraffe mascot waving goodbye in an empty store has people all depressed.

But at least one really NICE story came out of it too . . .

The last 700 stores in the U.S. were trying to sell off as much of their remaining stock as possible on Friday.  A lot of it was 80% or 90% off.

But one location in Raleigh, North Carolina didn’t have to worry.  Because an anonymous person wrote them a check for a MILLION BUCKS . . . and bought up ALL of their leftover toys, so they could GIVE them away.

The employees at the store spent all day Friday boxing stuff up and shipping it out.  And they won’t reveal who the person was.

But it sounds like it could be an early Secret Santa thing.  And whoever did it might be planning to hand out the toys around the holidays.