“A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” aired this past Wednesday . . . for the 46th time since it debuted in 1973.  But something was different this year.  This year, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” became RACIST.

Somehow, people suddenly noticed that during the dinner scene, Franklin . . . the black character . . . is sitting by himself on one side of the table, while the other characters are sitting together opposite him.

Of course, there are also two people at the heads of the table . . . but the point is that Franklin looks pretty lonely by himself on the long end.

Also, he gets a busted lawn chair to sit in, and it COLLAPSES on him.

(You can see the “evidence” in the video above starting at the 2:25 mark.)

Twitter had a lot to say about it, but this is probably my favorite:  “Let’s talk about Franklin.  Dude gets invited to Charlie Brown’s by Peppermint Patty.

“Then he finds out that it wasn’t a real invite, a dog is cooking the food and he’s gotta sit by himself at dinner.  That’s ‘Get Out’.”

To be fair, the reason Franklin even exists is because “Peanuts” creator CHARLES M. SCHULZ purposely added Franklin to the group back in 1968, after the assassination of MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. 

He even threatened to QUIT when his publisher questioned the decision.  So it seems strange that Schulz would campaign for a black character, only to purposely disrespect him a few years later.