Got any group texts going right now?  If so, you can probably still hear the dings echoing in your ears . . .

Someone came up with a list of group chat RULES we should all be following.  And #1 is don’t add too many people.  Six is ideal, and it should never be more than 12.  After eight, it’s just too many texts and people can’t stay on topic.

Here are a few more group chat rules they say we should all be following . . .

1.  Additions to group chats must be approved.  By the group AND by the person you’re adding.  Don’t just toss someone in there.  Ask first.

2.  Respond whenever you want.  You shouldn’t feel pressured to reply right away.  In general, there should be a 48-hour grace period.  After that, just move on.  No one cares what someone said two days after the fact.

3.  Making fun of Android users for their “green bubble” IS allowed.  So, this was obviously written by an iPhone user.  By the way, Google blames Apple for the whole green bubble thing.  And for compressed videos too.

4.  Limit the amount of memes you send.  But they’re still pretty liberal with it.  No more than four memes or gifs in a short period of time.

5.  Never respond with just the word “ha.”  This one’s more about texting in general.  A single “ha” can be seen as passive-aggressive, like you didn’t really think it was funny.  So at least double it up and go with a “haha.”

6.  If it’s a work-related group chat, no texting on weekends.  Everyone’s work-life balance is stressed enough as it is.