PRESIDENT TRUMP met with North Korean leader KIM JONG-UN at a summit in Singapore yesterday to talk about them giving up their nuclear weapons.  Whether you’re a Trump fan or not, it’s historic.  It’s the first time a sitting U.S. president has EVER met with a leader of North Korea.  Here are six things to know . . .

1.  It started with them walking out and shaking hands.  It was a FIRM handshake, but Trump didn’t YANK like he sometimes does.  Kim Jong-Un spoke English and said, “Nice to meet you, Mr. President.”  They talked a little and posed for photos.

They also went inside and sat down for more photos after that.  They shook hands again, and Trump said it was an “honor” to be meeting with him.

2.  After the photo ops, they had a one-on-one meeting with just their translators present.  It lasted about 40 minutes.  Trump described it as a “very good” meeting, and said they had a, quote, “great relationship.”

They brought their advisors in after that and kept talking.  Chief of Staff John Kelly, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and security adviser John Bolton were all there.

3.  After that, they had lunch.  If you care, it included prawns, a beef short rib confit, fried rice, and Häagen-Dazs ice cream for dessert.  (Here’s the full menu.)

4.  DENNIS RODMAN also flew to Singapore to offer his support.  He’s visited with Kim Jong-Un in North Korea a bunch of times, and knows Trump from “Celebrity Apprentice”.  So as weird as it is, “The Worm” is involved in this whole thing.

It’s not clear if he talked to either of them in Singapore.  But he did an interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN yesterday while wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, and a ‘PotCoin’ t-shirt.  PotCoin is a cryptocurrency for legalized weed.

He got pretty emotional about the whole North Korea thing, and even CRIED at one point while talking about how he got death threats after his first meeting with Kim Jong-Un in 2013.  (Here’s the full interview.  The crying starts around 5:15.)

5.  Before any of this, Trump got on Twitter and went after his critics for saying the meeting was a bad idea.  He used the phrase “haters and losers,” and basically said it’s all going great, and that they’ve run out of things to criticize him for.

Also, 25 minutes before the summit, Trump tweeted that his economic advisor Larry Kudlow was hospitalized in D.C. after suffering a HEART ATTACK.  It looks like he’ll be okay though.  His wife told “The Washington Post” he was, quote, “doing fine.”


6.  It could be YEARS before we know if the meeting with Kim Jong-Un accomplished anything major.  Some people are comparing it to when Nixon opened up relations with China, and saying that Trump could win the Nobel Peace Prize for it.

Others say it just gave Kim Jong-Un what he wants, which is to be legitimized and elevated as a world leader.  And he got the meeting by threatening us with NUKES.  So that might be dangerous precedent to set for other countries moving forward.