“The Shape of Water” Won Best Picture, Jimmy Kimmel Gave Away a Jet Ski, and Frances McDormand Had Everyone Googling “Inclusion Rider”

“The Shape of Water” had a big night at the Oscars, winning four awards, including Best Picture and Best Director for GUILLERMO DEL TORO.  It was also the first science fiction film to win Best Picture.

FRANCES MCDORMAND won Best Actress for “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”, and her co-star SAM ROCKWELL got Best Supporting Actor.

During her acceptance speech, Frances made all the night’s female nominees stand, and also introduced the world to the phrase “inclusion rider”.

If you haven’t Googled it already, like millions of Americans probably did last night, it’s a clause an actor or actress can put in their contract demanding that the cast and crew of a film be more diverse.

ALLISON JANNEY won Best Supporting Actress for “I, Tonya”, and GARY OLDMAN won Best Actor for “Darkest Hour”.

“Get Out” didn’t get too much love, but JORDAN PEELE became the first African-American to win Best Original Screenplay.  Meanwhile, “Lady Bird” and “Mudbound” got snubbed.

JIMMY KIMMEL did a good job hosting again, and he even had a unique idea to get people to shorten their acceptance speeches.  He offered a JET SKI to the person who took the least time.

The winner was Mark Bridges, the costume designer on “Phantom Thread”.  He went a mere 36 seconds.

(Here are some of Jimmy’s jokes . . . and here are some GIFs from when he brought several stars to a movie theater across the street to surprise some people who were watching “A Wrinkle in Time”.)

There were plenty of political moments . . . like when ASHLEY JUDD, SALMA HAYEK, and ANNABELLA SCIORRA spoke about the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

(Here are some of the other political moments.)