1.  Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler turns back time in a Super Bowl ad for Kia . . . by driving backwards.

2.  TMZ says that T-Mobile offered Anthony Scaramucci a “fortune” to do a Super Bowl ad, but then mysteriously pulled the plug.  But this isn’t the first time he’s lost a gig before he even had a chance to really get started.

3.  Keanu Reeves pulled off some crazy motorcycle stunts for his SquareSpace commercial.  Of course, even though he’s a rider in real life, there’s a good chance most (if not ALL) of this was done by a stunt double.

4.  Pepsi released their ad, which features cameos from previous spokespeople, as well as footage of past Super Bowl ads.  Cindy Crawford appears in a throwback to her 1992 Pepsi ad, but this time she’s joined by her son Presley.

5.  If Pepsi’s message is that there’s a Pepsi for every generation, Coca-Cola’s message is that there’s a Coke for every person . . . no matter what their culture is, or where they’re from.

(Here’s theirs.  Geez, Coke, calm down . . . you don’t need to FIX THE WORLD just to sell some carbonated corn syrup.

6.  Hulu is airing a trailer during the Super Bowl for that Stephen King show “Castle Rock”.  It premieres this summer.

7.  There’s talk that there may also be a trailer for “Solo: A Star Wars Story”