Do you ever walk around a dollar story trying to figure out what’s REALLY a good deal?  Here are six good things to buy there . . .

1.  Spices.  Every time you buy them at a normal store, you remember how expensive they are.  About three times more expensive than at a dollar store.

2.  Ibuprofen.  They might not be name-brand Advil.  And you won’t get a huge bottle of them for a buck.  But if you don’t need a ton, that’s a good thing.

3.  Party supplies.  Streamers, napkins, and things like that are “one and done” type items, because you don’t reuse them.  But they can cost a lot if you don’t watch out. Dollar store stores usually have a party section where they’re a buck a pack.

4.  Flip flops.  It’s nice to have an extra pair lying around, even if you already have a nicer pair.  And if they only cost a buck or two, it doesn’t matter if they wear out fast.

5.  Office supplies.  Things like pens and notebooks are good.  And a 40-pack of envelopes costs a lot more at the post office.  Art supplies like crayons are good too.

6.  Greeting cards.  Especially if you like the ‘blank inside’ kind.  They’re up to times cheaper than at other places.

7.  Pregnancy tests.  Yes, the cheap kind still work.  And if you want to buy a dozen to make sure, it’ll only cost you $12.

(Good Housekeeping)