The Red Cross loves people with type-O blood, because they’re universal donors.  So this could be pretty huge . . .

Researchers at the University of British Columbia think they’ve figured out how to take other types of blood and CONVERT it into the universal donor type.

Basically, they found a specific type of enzyme in our gut that’s really good at plucking sugars off of proteins.  Which matters because things called “antigens” are what cause us to have different blood types.  And antigens are just simple sugars.

They essentially took that bacteria . . . made it attack different types of blood cells . . . and it removed those antigens.  So in the end, it was type-O blood.

The gut enzymes they used did it about 30 times more efficiently than other enzymes they’ve tried.  And they think they can still tweak them so they’re even more efficient.

Meaning that pretty soon, we might be able to take any type of blood . . . convert it to the universal type . . . and make blood shortages non-existent.