Last week, we told you a story about a guy who accidentally took an Uber ride through FOUR STATES after he entered his home address on the app and passed out drunk in the back seat.

The guy, Kenny, said he was embarassed, but at least one company thinks he SHOULDN’T be . . . and they’re picking up the tab for his ridiculously expensive ride home.

It’s called “Eat Clean Bro” and they specialize in delivering healthy meals. They announced on social media that they’d be paying Kenny’s full bill of $1,635.93 because he made the right decision to NOT drive drunk.

The company’s founder, Jamie Giovinazzo, said that Kenny’s decision helped keep the roads safe for others, and decided to reward him for not getting behind the wheel.

Kenny had been raising money to pay for the ride through a GoFundMe account, but says ALL of that money will now go to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.