A pizza guy in Port Huron, Michigan named Rayden Jones left his keys in his car while dropping off an order this month.  And when he came back two minutes later, someone had STOLEN it.  (Port Huron is about 50 miles northeast of Detroit.)

But luckily, a total stranger named Kevin Lindke helped him out . . . not once, but twice.

He was driving home when he saw Rayden’s car going the WRONG WAY on the highway.  So he called 911.

The woman who stole it promptly sideswiped another car and tried to run off.  But Kevin chased after her, and convinced her to wait for cops to come.  It turns out she has a history of mental health issues.

Luckily no one was seriously hurt.  But Rayden’s car was pretty mangled.  So Kevin stepped up again . . . and gave him HIS car.

He’d been planning to sell his old minivan.  But when he found out that the wrecked car belonged to a pizza guy, he decided he didn’t need the money as much as Rayden needed a new ride.

Rayden was shocked when he found out.  He says it’s just “mind-blowing” that someone he’d never met would come out of nowhere and do something so nice for him.


(Here’s a photo of Kevin, and a shot of Rayden in his new ride.)