A bunch of people deserve credit for this.  Especially the cops for organizing the whole thing . . .

All eight lanes of a highway in Detroit were temporarily shut down around 1:00 A.M. yesterday morning when a guy got up on an overpass and threatened to JUMP.

So the Michigan State Police got on the horn to a bunch of truckers, and had them all park directly UNDER the overpass.

That way, if he jumped he’d only fall about 10 feet and land on one of the trucks instead of hitting the ground.

There’s a photo of 13 semis parked next to each other across both sides of the highway.  And there was only a foot or two of space between them.

Once they were all parked there, the cops managed to talk the guy down.  And in the end, no one got hurt.

The highway reopened about three hours after they closed it.