Our Ideal Job Would Be 26 Hours a Week with 29 Days Off a Year

It’s back to the grind after a nice long weekend.  So what would your job have to look like for it to NOT feel like such a grind?

A new poll asked people what their PERFECT job would look like.  And in general, we want fewer hours and more days off.

The average person’s ideal job would only require them to work 26 hours a week . . . pay at least $60,000 a year . . . and offer around six weeks of paid vacation.

The average answer was 29 vacation days.  And one of the top perks people want is to not have to work on their own birthday.

Our perfect job would also include a supportive boss . . . a comfortable chair . . . free coffee . . . friendly colleagues . . . regular raises and promotions . . . a great retirement plan . . . and bonuses for outstanding work.

The poll also found the ideal commute would be 17 minutes long.