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One in Eight People Refuse to Ask for Help and Always Go It Alone

Admitting you need help can be hard, even if it’s just help lifting something heavy:  A new poll found one in eight Americans REFUSE to ask for help in general, and prefer to always go it alone.

The poll wasn’t really about things like lifting heavy boxes.  It was about big stuff, like needing help with finances, or just feeling overwhelmed with everything.

Around half of people said they don’t ask for help UNTIL they feel overwhelmed . . . 8% don’t ask until it’s too late for help . . . and 13% NEVER ask.  Only 27% said they try to ask ahead of time, before the thing they need help with feels daunting.

The people we’re most likely to turn to for help are family, friends, significant others, and co-workers.  Here are the top five things people said they couldn’t do on their own . . .

1.  Raise a family.

2.  Buy a house.

3.  Travel or move to a new place.

4.  Buy a car.

5.  Land your dream job.

Losing weight just missed the top five in sixth place.  Followed by running a marathon, and going skydiving.


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