A new survey found 5% of us enjoy NOTHING about Thanksgiving . . . the food, the football, the family infighting.  None of it.  And that doesn’t even include the 4% who said they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

Here are eight more random Thanksgiving stats . . .

1.  75% of us tend to eat the same foods every year.  We don’t mix it up very much.

2.  88% of us usually spend Thanksgiving with family.  Around 35% will be eating with at least one friend at the table this year.  And 7% are spending it with a neighbor.

3.  41% of people have been looking forward to Thanksgiving ALL YEAR.

4.  What time will you eat Thanksgiving dinner this year?  42% of people will start at 2:00 P.M. or earlier . . . and only 11% will wait until 6:00 P.M. or later.

5.  The average Thanksgiving will include 7 to 9 people.  The next most-common answer was 4 to 6 people . . . 5% of us are eating with at least TWENTY other people . . . and a sad 3% said they usually eat Thanksgiving dinner alone.

(Divorced people were the most likely to say they eat alone.)

6.  Woman are more than twice as likely to say they do ALL of the cooking on Thanksgiving.  22% said it’s true, compared to just 9% of men.

And men are almost twice as likely to do NO cooking.  35% of men said they don’t help at all, compared to 19% of women.

7.  The biggest bump in traffic over Thanksgiving is TONIGHT, according to Google . . . you’ll find way more people on the roads than you would on a normal Wednesday night.

8.  And finally, 23% of us make sure we wear stretchy pants on Thanksgiving, just so we can eat more.

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