One Corrupted File Caused the FAA to Ground All Flights for the First Time Since 9/11

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  All the rain in California caused a rockslide near Malibu on Monday, and a last-second request by a guy’s girlfriendsaved his life.  He was walking to his car when she called and said she forgot her purse at his place.

He went back inside to get it, and then heard a rumbling.  When he got back to his car, a giant boulder had crashed through the roof, and was sitting on his driver’s seat.  He said it felt like a scene from the movie “Final Destination”.

2.  A Good Samaritan helped a cop pull a guy off a set of subway tracks in Brooklyn on Monday.  The cop’s chest-cam got it on video.

3.  A public safety officer in Michigan rescued a cat in a tree the other day.  They posted a photo and said it could have been a “CATastrophe,” but they were able to serve up some “claw and order.”

4.  Have you seen the videos of a doggy daycare bus picking up dogs in Alaska?  They wait outside, and some know how to board the bus and find a seat on their own.  So it’s like little kids going to school.  (Here’s a recent one.)