Politics aside, most people agree a lasting peace between North and South Korea would be a good thing.  And here’s another small step in that direction.

The North and South Korean women’s ping-pong teams were supposed to play each other in the world championships in Sweden yesterday.

But before the match, they announced they didn’t want to end up with a winner and a loser.  So instead, they joined forces and created one UNIFIED Korean team.

The International Table Tennis Federation had to bend the rules.  But they agreed to do it after EVERY other country in the tournament said it was okay.  (How crazy would it be if someone said no?  Like, “Nope, sorry.  Ping-pong is more important.”)

The unified Korean team was set to play Japan in the bronze medal bracket this morning.  (The match happened overnight.  You can check the results here.)

This kind of thing isn’t totally unheard of, by the way.  North and South Korea did the same thing with their women’s hockey teams during the Winter Olympics back in February.