Earlier this month, a four-year-old kid in New Jersey named Evan Kazanis got to have his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.  So it SHOULD have been the highlight of his whole year.

But his mom invited 30 of his friends from school.  And none of them showed up.

An employee named Taylor Inzinna says the whole thing was pretty heartbreaking.  And Evan’s mom was devastated.  But she never let him see it, and stayed upbeat the whole time.  At least while he was watching.

But Taylor couldn’t let it go down like that.  So after the party was over, she got on Facebook and asked her friends to help Evan out.

Then about a week later, the employees threw Evan ANOTHER party at Chuck E. Cheese, and surprised him with a TON of birthday presents.

Evan’s mom didn’t know about the gifts until they got there.  And she had to keep herself from crying, because she didn’t want him to see how much it affected her.

She says it made him feel like a million bucks, and he’ll remember that day the rest of his life.

(Inside Edition)