Netflix is finally opening up and giving us a little peek at their user data . . . in the form of new Top 10 lists that’ll show you the most popular content in your country.

There’ll be an overall list that gives you the most popular things on Netflix . . . plus you can see separate Top Tens for movies and TV when you click on those tabs.  The lists will be updated daily.

They were supposed to have been rolled out to all customers by the end of the day yesterday . . . so you should be able to see them now.

(I checked, and it IS on the main page if you scroll all the way down. The Top 10 for today are below, but the list will apparently be ever-changing.)

1.) Love Is Blind
2.) The Last Thing He Wanted
3.) Narcos: Mexico
4.) Locke & Key
5.) Gentefied
6.) Better Call Saul
7.) Foreigner
8.) Babies
9.) The Office
10.) A Haunted House

(The Wrap)