Sweating it out: Sweating doesn’t cure a cold; the benefits are purely symptomatic.

Flu shot dangers: You cannot catch the flu from the flu vaccine since it doesn’t contain the live virus.

Weak immune system: This one is partly myth. A weakened immune system can affect how you respond to infections, but direct application of the cold virus does lead to high infection rates, though not everyone shows symptoms.

Vitamin C: Taking large amounts of Vitamin C and zinc doesn’t prevent or cure a cold. Once you have a cold, they’re not effective treatments.

Winter colds: This is a myth. Colds are more common in the spring and fall, not winter.

Don’t drink milk: Drinking milk does not increase mucus production when you have a cold, so this is a myth.

Cold kissing: The amount of virus on the lips is usually not enough to transmit a cold; transmission is more likely through the nasal mucus.

Cold causes cold: This is a myth; colds are caused by viruses, not by being cold.

Starve a fever: This is false. Eating when sick can provide the body with energy to fight off illness.