Here are a few more good news stories we’ve seen today . . .

1.  Some guy walked into a donut shop in Ohio and paid $1,000 for a single donut, just to help out.  The owner said he’s a regular who’s been going there for 50 years.

2.  A utility worker with a really good singing voice was installing a gas line near a senior living center in Florida, and it was a woman’s 94th birthday.  Now a video of him singing Happy Birthday to her is trending online.

3.  A hospital in New York City is playing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” every time a coronavirus patient recovers and gets wheeled out of the hospital.

4.  Some jerk in San Antonio stole a nurse’s motorcycle and wrecked it.  But then the owner of a motorcycle shop found out, and gave her a NEW bike that’s even nicer.

5.  The first emergency ventilators made by General Motors are ready to be shipped out.  They’ll send 600 of them to hospitals by the end of the month, and 30,000 more by the end of August.

6.  Toys for Tots won’t wait for Christmas this year.  They want to lift kids’ spirits, so they’re sending out TWO MILLION toys to underprivileged kids all over the country.  Hasbro, Lego, Disney, and Build-A-Bear are all helping with donations.