Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1.  Country Time Lemonade launched an economic relief program for lemonade stands that have been hurt by the pandemic.  It’s called The Littlest Bailout.  You can help your kids apply for $100 in relief by filling out a form at

2.  A charity called the Power of Life Foundation handed out 5,000 free face masks to people in Macon, Georgia the other day.

3.  A Pizza Hut delivery guy in Tennessee was shocked when a customer gave him a $100 tip just to help out.

4.  Some good news on the medical front:  The vaccine developed at Oxford seems to be working, and they’re cranking out doses faster than expected.  Also, a new inhalable protein treatment could cut the risk of going on a ventilator by 79%.  And researchers at Kansas State confirmed the virus can’t spread through mosquitoes.

5.  A bunch of penguins at a zoo in England were bored without people around.  But they’re good now after someone donated a bubble-blowing machine to keep them entertained.