Here are a few more good news stories we’ve seen today . . .

1.  A hospital in Memphis found 27,000 old N95 masks in storage that were still usable, but the elastic bands needed to be replaced.  So a group of 400 volunteers with sewing machines got to work and fixed 20,000 of them in a single weekend.

2.  We might have a new record for the oldest person to survive the virus.  A 107-year-old Dutch woman has now fully recovered.

3.  The Olympics got postponed last month until July of 2021.  Now a bunch of food that was supposed to be for the athletes is going to food banks instead.

4.  A hospital in Texas wasn’t allowing visitors.  But a woman’s husband had promised her he’d always be there during her chemo treatments.  So he set up shop outside her window with a sign that said, “I can’t be WITH you, but I’m here.”

5.  A 34-year-old guy from Malaysia was in Japan last month when things got crazy.  He didn’t have symptoms but had to quarantine when he got back.  And he didn’t want to get anyone sick between the airport and his house.  So just to be safe, he spent three days WALKING 75 miles to get home.  Last we heard, he still wasn’t sick.