Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1.  A new survey found we’ve really come to respect essential workers.  80% of us admire healthcare workers more than we used to.  For grocery store workers, it’s 77% . . . delivery drivers, 73% . . . postal workers, 68% . . . and restaurant workers, 61%.

2.  On the first day barbershops in Denver reopened, some guy got a $27 haircut and left the stylist a $2,500 tip.  He also gave $1,000 to the manager . . . $500 to the receptionist . . . and $100 to each of the other 18 employees.

3.  A 108-year-old woman in New Jersey is the new oldest person in America to officially beat the virus.

4.  A garbageman in Kentucky noticed a 90-year-old woman hadn’t put her trash out in a while, and checked in on her.  It turned out she’d been low on supplies for weeks, and didn’t have any food.  So the sanitation company stepped up and bought her groceries.

5.  Good news stories about this year’s GRADUATES have started flooding in:  A dad in Memphis built a stage, and threw an elaborate graduation for his daughter.  A mailman in New Hampshire is handing out Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards to graduates on his route.

A bakery in Minnesota is giving away HUNDREDS of graduation cakes.  And some high school band teachers in Texas spent three days going to every graduating band member’s home, just to play them their school’s fight song one last time.