Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1.  An anonymous donor just gave a $1 million donation to Dignity Health Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz, California with only one request:  Divide the money up as bonuses to the staff.

So all the full-time employees like nurses, cleaning staff, lab techs, records keepers, and security guards will get an $800 check.  Part-time workers will get $600.

2.  Is the pandemic driving some smokers to quit?  Some studies have shown that smokers are 14 times more likely to need serious treatment if they catch coronavirus . . . and that’s inspiring a wave of people to quit.

3.  The pandemic is starting to make people more frugal, after what calls, quote, “decades of materialism.”  People are doing everything from washing and reusing Ziploc bags to making sure to eat all of their leftovers.

4.  On the first day a restaurant in Austin, Texas reopened, a customer left a $1,300 tip.  The owner says the guy told him, quote, “he was extremely grateful that we were open and putting ourselves at risk to serve the community.”

5.  This a pretty wholesome byproduct of this time.  Apparently BIRDWATCHING has become a more popular hobby as people have had a lot more time alone to just stare out of their windows.