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More “Good News” Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak

Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1.  Some guy in Sacramento walked into a Taco Bell and gave each employee $100.  He says he used to work at a Taco Bell as a teenager and knows how much work it is.  And he wanted to thank them for feeding everyone during the pandemic.

2.  “The New York Post” has a list of four groups you can volunteer with if you want to help essential workers from your couch.  The names of the groups are Empower Work . . . Operation Gratitude . . . the Therapy Aid Coalition . . . and Contrace, which does contact tracing.

3.  Here’s one type of business that’s BOOMING this year:  Sales of Christmas trees are way up.  Partly because there are so many first-time buyers.

4.  A church in Des Moines recently bought up $5 MILLION in medical debt just so they could forgive it all.  They say they bought EVERY outstanding medical bill in Iowa that they had access to.

5.  Each year, an anonymous Secret Santa goes around handing out $100 bills to random people.  But social distancing made it impossible this year.  So instead, he’s been mailing money to essential workers all over the country.  Between now and Christmas, he plans to give away $100,000.

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