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More “Good News” Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak

Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1.  Not everyone’s set up to work from home, or learn from home.  So woodworkers all over the country have been making desks and giving them to kids who need them.

2.  Johnson & Johnson announced their vaccine is in the final phase of testing with 60,000 volunteers.  So now four major vaccine trials are close to wrapping up.  And this one’s special, because it would only require one shot instead of two.

3.  Random acts of kindness are more important than ever, and they don’t have to be big.  A Taco bell worker asked a woman where she got her press-on nails and gave her a free soda.  So the woman bought another set . . . went back later on . . . and gave them to her, just to be nice.

4.  A seven-year-old kid in Pennsylvania was bored at home, so his neighbors gave him a pogo stick.  And he just CRUSHED a world record for most jumps in a row.  The previous record for kids his age was 376.  He did 2,309 in a row.

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