Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1.  A 20-year-old college kid in Vermont has been quarantining with his grandparents this summer.  And they let him build a roller coaster in their backyard.  It’s something he always talked about doing as a kid, so they said go for it.  His 83-year-old grandfather got to be the first to ride it.

2.  A woman who flew to Singapore with her kid had to quarantine for two weeks when they arrived.  And they lucked out on living arrangements.  The government randomly assigned them a room at the Ritz-Carlton.

3.  Road signs with short, inspirational poems have been popping up across the country.  Like one on the side of a highway in Minnesota that says, “Remember the time, sitting by so much water, when we all just laughed.”  An unnamed artist has been putting them up and posting photos on Instagram.


4.  An 11-year-old in Virginia has raised a ton of money this summer with his lemonade stand . . . enough to buy over 22,000 diapers to give away to single moms.  He came up with the idea when he noticed stores running out of them when the pandemic hit.