A huge part of the opioid problem in this country has to do with painkiller prescriptions.  This might at least put a dent in it . . .

Purdue Pharma is the company that makes OxyContin.  It’s one of the most common narcotics doctors give out for pain.

But now they’re going to stop PRESSURING doctors into handing it out like candy.

They sent out an email to clients last week that said they’re cutting their sales staff in half.  And starting today, they won’t be sending pharmaceutical reps to doctors’ offices to promote ANY type of opioid medications.

Obviously this won’t completely solve the problem of people abusing pain meds.  And other drug companies may or may not follow suit.  But it’s a start.

We also don’t want it to sound like they’re just doing it out of the goodness of their own hearts.

Several states recently filed lawsuits against Purdue, claiming they misled people about the risks of painkillers like OxyContin.  So it’s also a business decision.

(The Hill)