A town called Lennox Head on the eastern coast of Australia unveiled its new lifeguard DRONE yesterday.

It’s a remote-controlled quad-copter they can use to patrol the beaches and find swimmers who get pulled out to sea.

And it ended up saving two lives on its very first day.

A few hours after it was unveiled, two teenagers got swept about a half-mile offshore and couldn’t get back to the beach.  One was 17, and the other was 15.

But someone called it in, and the drone got to them within TWO MINUTES.

It dropped a long floatation device from the air that inflated when it hit the water.  Then they were able to hang onto it and swim back to shore.  (Here’s a video of the drone dropping it.  It happens at :25.)

According to a local official, it’s the first time it’s ever happened.  No one has ever used a drone to rescue someone by dropping a flotation device before.