Animated GIFs are one of the primary ways people communicate on the Internet today, only behind emojis and unsolicited genitalia photos.

But there’s an ETERNAL debate over the right way to pronounce it . . . is it pronounced like the word “GIFT” without the “t” at the end, or is it pronounced “JIF” like the peanut butter?

Well . . . Jif the peanut butter has finally weighed in.

They’ve started selling two versions of their peanut butter:  One with the standard J-I-F label with a message saying “soft g pronunciation” . . . and one that says G-I-F on the label with the message, “hard g pronunciation.”

In other words, they think the animated images are pronounced like “gift” and NOT like their peanut butter.

The jars are on Amazon for $10, which is two-and-a-half times the price of a jar without a limited edition label.  But they’re already sold out, so expect to see them on eBay for an even BIGGER premium.


(Here are the labels.  And Jif is 100% WRONG on this one, Steve Wilhite, the guy who created GIFs back in 1987, says it’s pronounced like “JIF” with a soft g. I will die on this hill.)