It’s MLB Opening Day! Here’s What It Costs to Be a Die-Hard Fan of Each Team

It’s opening day for Major League Baseball . . . so if you love sitting through four hours of commentary for 12 minutes of action, get PUMPED.

Someone looked at everything from season ticket prices to how much hot dogs are, and ranked each team according to how much it costs if you’re a DIE-HARD fan.

The Chicago Cubs are the most expensive team for fans this year . . . just under $16,000 if you went to every single home game.  And their cross-town rivals are one of the CHEAPEST teams, at just under $5,500.  That includes the tickets, parking, food, drinks, and one hat and custom baseball jersey.

The three most expensive teams are the Cubs at $15,723 . . . Red Sox, $12,712 . . . and Yankees, $12,547.  The three CHEAPEST are the Angels, $4,521 . . . White Sox, $5,452 . . . and Rays, $5,502.  (You can see the prices for all 30 teams here.)

For the record, the Mariners were in the middle of the pack (typical), checking at 14th most expensive . . . though they didn’t include the piece of your soul you have to give up to be an M’s fan.

The average for all 30 teams is just under $8,000 to see every home game live . . . and the average ticket price is about $65.  The average price of a jersey is $125 . . . a hat, $16 . . . a beer, $5.90 . . . a soda, $4.13 . . . a hot dog, $4.52 . . . and $16 for parking.

Another study looked at all the GIVEAWAYS each team has this year . . . things like free hats and bobbleheads.

The teams giving out the most free stuff are the Cardinals, Dodgers, Cubs, Mets, and Pirates.  The bottom five are the Marlins, A’s, Diamondbacks, Red Sox, and Phillies.

(Check out those rankings here.) 

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