Instant Karma: A Woman’s Lost Ring Is Returned After She Returns Someone Else’s Lost Ring

Here’s some instant karma for you.  The good kind . . .

Catherine Kenyon is getting her PhD at Clemson University in South Carolina.  Earlier this month, she made the local paper after she found someone’s class ring in a parking lot and got it back to them.  It turned out they’d dropped it there four years ago.

Catherine could relate because HER class ring went missing after she left it on a bus in 2017.  But now the favor’s been repaid.  Because two weeks after she returned the ring, some guy she’d never met texted a picture of HER ring that HE found.

It wasn’t because of the news story.  It was just a coincidence.  The guy says he just happened to be cleaning out an old bag when he spotted the ring.

Turns out he found it three years ago, and Catherine’s name was engraved on it.  But he couldn’t find her online back then.

This time, he googled her name and found her resumé with a phone number on it.  So that’s how he got in touch.

He thinks it’s definitely the result of “good karma.”  But Catherine has another explanation.  Quote, “I think it just speaks volumes to what kind of people live here.”

(Greenville News)

(Here’s a shot of Catherine wearing the ring in 2016.  That’s her in the middle.)