Most of us are occasional fliers — taking to the skies once in awhile for vacation or a holiday gathering. We’re all pretty much rookies in the sky. According to a survey of regular fliers, here are the unwritten etiquette rules:

1. Don’t drink too much

2. Keep your seat upright or reclined to a reasonable degree

3. Ensure your children are well behaved and not making too much noise

4. Don’t pass gas

5. Get what you need from overhead storage before you sit down so you don’t disturb people by getting up and down

6. Be respectful of others when it comes to the armrests

7. Don’t try and join the ‘Mile High Club’

8. Avoid eating smelly food

9. Eat your meals and snacks quietly with your mouth closed

10. Avoid complaining too much if there is a crying baby on the plane