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If You Could Only Have One Utensil, What Would It Be?

Fork, spoon and knife tied up with red ribbon

In a week where we overindulge in eating, THIS is an unnecessary buzzkill:  A new poll asked people, “If you could have access to only one kind of utensil for the rest of your life, which would you choose?”

And America is DIVIDED . . . evenly.  23% said spoon . . . 22% said fork . . . 22% said SPORK . . . and 18% said knife.  4% said chopsticks . . . and 10% said they’re not sure.  (Come on, it’s a dumb hypothetical.  Don’t be so indecisive.)

For what it’s worth, men (23%) and Republicans (20%) were more likely to select knife . . . Independents (24%) were, ironically, happy with the middle-ground that a spork provides . . . and younger people were much more likely to select chopsticks (8%) than older folks (1%).

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