Every summer, a city in Ohio called Twinsburg hosts a festival for TWINS.  You couldn’t pay me to go to that thing.  I’d be scared out of my mind.

Anyway, 34-year-old Josh and Jeremy Salyers are identical twins from Tennessee, and they went to the festival last year.  They met 31-year-old Brittany and Briana Deane from Delaware, who are also identical twins.

And apparently, it was love at first sight.  For all of them.

They paired off . . . and earlier this month, Jeremy and Josh proposed at the same time to Briana and Brittany, respectively.  The women said yes.

So they’re going to go back to the twin festival in August and get married in a joint ceremony.

(New York Post)

(Here’s a picture.  Jeremy and Briana are on the . . . um . . . who knows?  Does it matter?)