Today (September 19) is Talk Like A Pirate Day.

AHOY! = “Hello!”

ARRGH! = Can be used for anything, good or bad. Examples: “Arrgh! What a lovely day!” Or, “I don’t like that! Arrgh!”

AVAST! = “Attention, please!” Example: “Avast, ye scurvy scallywags!” = “Stop what you’re doing and listen up, you dirty pirates!”

BELAY! = “Stop that!” Example: “Belay that talk!” = “Quiet now!” Or, “Belay the Swabbin’!” = “Stop cleaning up!”

GROG = A pirate’s favorite drink.

HAR! = 1. A pirate’s laugh. 2. The stuff on top of a pirate’s head.

JACK = A flag or a sailor.

LASS = A woman.

LIST = To lean to one side.


MATEY = A shipmate or a friend.

SCALLYWAG = A bad person. A scoundrel.

SMARTLY = Quickly. “Smartly there, pirates!” = “Hurry up, pirates!”

SPROGS = Raw, untrained recruits.

SQUIFFY = A buffoon.

TO BOOT = Also. Example: “I’ll have the burger and fries, to boot!” = “Ill have the burger and also the fries!”