We really don’t think nature has much to offer us these days.  If there’s no Wi-Fi, we’re not interested.  And if you don’t believe it, check out this stat . . .

According to a new report, a quarter of Americans admit they spend at least 21 hours a day indoors.  But the truth is WAY more of us do.  We just don’t realize it.

The average person in the survey estimated that they’re inside 66% of the time.  But it’s actually 90% when you include the time you spend sleeping.

66% would mean you spend 8 hours a day outside.  For most of us, that would only be possible if you work outdoors, or you’re retired on a beach somewhere.

25% of people ESTIMATED that they spend 21 to 24 hours a day inside.  41% said between 15 and 20 hours.  And 34% said less than that.  (Some sources are incorrectly framing the story as “25% of us spend all day indoors.”  But the real number is MUCH higher than that.)

So all this REALLY shows is that most of us don’t realize how much time we spend inside.  Previous studies have shown we spend about 87% of our time indoors.  Or 93% if you also count the time you spend in your car.

(WebCargo / USA Today)